Awesome Free Online Astrology Resources for Beginners

Clockwise, top to bottom: Ben Dykes on a book cover, a Google search of the keywords Linda Goodman, and a Twitter thread . Photo by David Kute.

There are more and more people that are exposed to astrology nowadays, and some not only accept and find it interesting, but also want to learn more. Newcomers have to navigate a plethora of astrology related websites and articles, with little to guide them. It can be overwhelming, and as a consequence progress is slow. This article was written to provide guidance for newfound astrology enthusiasts. The best resources online can be found on Twitter, websites, and keyword searches of prominent astrologers on platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Google.

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Heaps of Virgo

Mercury with his caduceus, in his chariot, drawn by cockerels. Engraving by C. Lasinio after Raphael, 1516. CC BY 4.0

Currently, the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury are all in Virgo. They are forming a trine with the nasty configuration of the year, the Pluto, Saturn, and South Node conjunction in Capricorn. They also form a trine with disruptive Uranus in Taurus. With so many traditional planets in Virgo, there is a huge emphasis on all things Virgoan. There are many benefits to reap.

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Armor of Helios


Two parts cuirass from Southern Italy, Marie- Lan Nguyen, Public Domain.

The Chaldean Oracles, an ancient text, offered advice to visualize armor of light that preceded magic work. The armor was named the Armor of Hecate. After reading about the imaginary armor, I experimented with visualizing it. It was an electrifying experience. It led to the conclusion that the Armor of Hecate was a potent exercise, and a useful addition to include in future spiritual work. In fact, the exercise planted a seed for a later development. One weekend afternoon, I sat upon a quiet mountaintop. I meditated and performed a ritual to Helios on the planetary hour of the Sun. The thought then occurred to me that there was an Armor of Helios that drew upon the solar deity’s vast resources, characteristics, and protection. It was suitable for certain types of meditation, ritual, and spiritual work. I then thought it out, tried it, and found it was worth sharing. The Armor of Helios was inspired by worship of the sun god. It reflects a special relationship with the deity, one that seemed to just happen through coincidences, dreams, and personal gnosis. The Armor of Helios befits the sun deity, the master of truth, healing, wisdom, success, and protection. Below, I’ve shared instructions for creating the armor. Continue reading “Armor of Helios”

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