Ritual Diary: Introduction

A stick of incense and a candle burn during a ritual to Aphrodite. Photo by David Kute.

In a series of articles called Ritual Diary, the greater aspects of spirituality will be explored. Posts in the series will be published intermittently on an ongoing basis. They will entail the sharing of all aspects related to performing rituals for gods. That will include suggestions for props and altar items, scripts, and references to relevant ancient sources. It will also be a means to share views and experiences related to the practice of rituals to various gods, goddesses, and planets. Some experiences might lead to insights or discoveries, and those might be expounded upon. Articles in the series will not be written by an expert with extensive background or experiences. Rather, they are written by someone new to the practice so they will reflect the views of a newcomer.

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Advice for the Road Ahead

Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node present further challenges until December 2020

From top to bottom, clockwise: Saturn on the equinox. Photo by NASA, Public Domain; Kingdom of Pluto; a view of the underworld with Pluto and Proserpina enthroned at center, surrounded by demons; set design from ‘Il Pomo D’Oro.’ Drawing by Ludovico Ottaviano Burnacini, Public Domain; Beowulf and the dragon. Photo by J.R. Skelton, Public Domain.

The skies above us point to hardship, crisis, and obstacles. The sign Capricorn holds heavy, intense, soul- crushing planets. In the tropical zodiac, Pluto entered Capricorn for good in November 2008. It currently resides at 20 degrees Capricorn. Saturn moved into Capricorn December 19, 2017 and now sits at 14 degrees. The South Node ingressed Capricorn in November 2018.  Since last November, all three malefics have been a part of daily life. The meeting of all three planetary phenomena is fierce, all-consuming, adverse, and shrouded in uncertainty. While the stellium in Capricorn is a potential train wreck, there are ways to move forward. Continue reading “Advice for the Road Ahead”

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