Bloodstone Talisman: A Diary

A number of polished bloodstone gemstones sit on a table. Photo by Blackoceanking. The original image has been altered.

Upon watching Benebell Wen’s Bloodstone for Shielding video,¹ an anonymous friend decided to create a bloodstone talisman by following the instructions provided. The video is about using the semi-precious gemstone bloodstone in a ritual to create a magical talisman that offers any wearer shielding and protection. In the video and its accompanying materials, Wen draws upon three old sources, synthesizes them, and then offers a couple of possible ritual paths to create a bloodstone talisman. She suggests that the talisman provides “personal shielding and divine protection, and according to lore, one of the most powerful shields against demons, warding off curses or those trying to curse you, and all mannerisms of bad juju.”² After Wen posted her video in 2018, the anonymous person mentioned earlier saw it and created a bloodstone talisman. With a bloodstone talisman in hand, this person wanted to share about the experience and detail how the talisman creation process worked. This anonymous person’s observations are shared here in three segments, presented as diary entries. But before getting to the anonymous account, the materials Wen used will be summarized, analyzed, and discussed.

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