Joe Rogan’s Contact with Secret Enemies in 2021-2022

An uproar about Joe Rogan occurred on social media in late January, bringing the popular podcaster to national attention. Rogan had some popular critics of mainstream Covid policy on his show, starting with Alex Berenson on October 21, 2021, Dr. Peter McCulloch on December 14, 2021, and Dr. Robert Malone on January 1st, 2022. In response, musician Neil Young threatened to pull his music from the streaming service Spotify in protest. Young claimed that he was concerned that Rogan was spreading misinformation. Rogan is an American podcaster, UFC color commentator, comedian, actor, former martial artist, and former television presenter, according to Wikipedia. As a sporadic listener to the podcast since 2010, I was following news on the recent controversy with Young when I learned that Joe Rogan’s birth time was available. Years back, I searched to see if Rogan’s full birth time was online, and couldn’t find a birth time. However, that has changed and now has complete birth information on Joe Rogan that it lists as an AA Rodden Rating. With accurate and complete birth info, it is possible to look at a person’s life with all of the tools astrologer’s have at their disposal. In that light, and with Joe Rogan’s profile becoming more and more prominent in the public, I thought I would analyze the podcaster’s natal chart and time-lords with the tools of traditional astrology. This article examines Rogan’s natal chart and uses traditional timing techniques to get a picture of Rogan’s life and career and to place it in context in the current zeitgeist. It will also try to understand the recent controversy surrounding the famous podcaster. 


Figure 1  Joe Rogan’s traditional style natal chart.

Part 1: General Analysis

First, Rogan’s ascendant sign will be examined. Looking at Figure 1, Rogan’s ascendant is in Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which is in Virgo in the fifth whole sign house. The lord of the ascendant is Venus. The ascendant lord can indicate the motivations, choices, and orientation of the individual. Chris Brennan writes that it describes the focus, topics, and dominant themes of the native’s life.1 It is also the most important house in the natal chart and is associated with the physical and mental aspects of self. Finally, a nautical metaphor can be applied to the ascendant as the helm of a ship. From the helm, the direction and journey of life is steered or controlled. In addition to all these interpretive factors, the house that the lord of the rising sign falls in illustrates the topics of life that the planet is supposed to manifest upon. Before looking at the rising sign and ruling planet, the degree of the ascendant has significance as well. In Rogan’s chart, the ascendant degree is within a degree of the fixed star Algol. A fixed star’s orb extends to about three degrees. Algol is at 25° Taurus. Rogan’s ascendant is also at 25° Taurus. The fixed star Algol usually has a negative effect on individuals, making them unfortunate, unlucky, and possibly violent. In my opinion, Rogan doesn’t display Algol characteristics, at least not personally. He shows less of the normal Algol influence than most of the people who have planets or important degrees within its orb. Next, we should look at the ascendant sign for what it tells about the native’s character and behavior. Rogan’s rising sign is Taurus. A Taurus ascendant will give a person an amiable, innocent, and positive demeanor and personality. Since the ascendant sign is fixed, all of the angles of the natal chart are also fixed. The fixed angles indicate that the key parts of Rogan’s life are stable, enduring, and slow to change. 

Next, his ascendant lord will be looked at. Venus is of the night sect and Rogan is born at night, so Venus is of the sect of favor and the more favorable benefic planet. Venus is also retrograde, which is a negative factor for Venus significations in the chart. Rogan’s ascendant lord is in the fifth whole sign house, Virgo. The fifth house has a favorable relationship with the ascendant and it is a succedent house. The fifth house makes a trine with the ascendant sign and has a good amount of angularity. It is one of the best houses, with positivity and dynamism. With the lord of the ascendant in the fifth house, Rogan’s life path is somewhat centered on the arts, games, fun, children, and love. His life is about creativity and having a good time. A Virgo fifth house can be more mental and communicative in its expression of the house significations. Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury speaks more to communication and intellect, and fifth house topics like fun and games might manifest in a more mercurial way when its sign is Virgo. One way this applies to Rogan is through comedy. Comedy can be linked to the fifth house, and comedy happens to be a big focus of Rogan’s life. Rogan began his career as a comedian. The next important consideration is Rogan’s ascendant lord. As mentioned earlier, Rogan’s ascendant lord is Venus. Venus is in Virgo, which is its fall. Planets in detriment or fall often play an outcast or outsider role. Rogan’s ascendant placement gives him an outsider role and one way to illustrate it is that Rogan became a comedian focused on blue comedy in his early days.  Blue comedy is a form of comedy that  focuses on indelicacy and indecency. Since normal Venus characteristics like decency, harmony, and cleanliness are opposed to bawdy comedy, the comedic style fits Rogan’s Venus in Virgo perfectly. Rogan often identifies with the outsider or plays the role of the outsider. Besides comedy, two other areas of Rogan’s life fit a classic outsider-style relationship with the fringes of conventional life. These areas are the mixed martial arts and podcasting. Starting in the late 1990s, Rogan was a color commentator for the UFC. In its early years the UFC was a new, unconventional sport. It was anything but mainstream. Likewise, podcasts had yet to see the growth they would later see when Rogan began the Joe Rogan Experience in 2009. The show covered an array of topics such as comedy, pop culture, conspiracy theories, politics, mixed martial arts, and celebrity gossip. He associated with famous conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, alternative historians like Graham Hancock, and supposed whistleblowers like Bob Lazar. He has in many ways played the role of an outsider when compared to the mainstream media and conventional media figures. Adding to the general outsider tone of Rogan’s personality are the outer planets Pluto and Uranus, which also happen to both be placed in Virgo. Figure 2 shows the two outer planets in Virgo. Uranus adds eccentricity, knowledge, revolutionary impulses, and weirdness to Rogan’s fifth house as well as influencing Venus’s role as the ascendant lord. Pluto is co-present as well. Pluto alone wouldn’t make Rogan rebellious or an outsider, but conjoining Uranus it amplifies the Uranian energy. The Pluto-Uranus conjunction that was occurring when Rogan was born has been associated with the 1960’s movement in Richard Tarnas’s book Cosmos and Psyche. It coincided with what the authors William Strauss and Neil Howe called the Awakening in The Fourth Turning. In the classic Planets in Transit: Life Cycles for Living, Rob Hand associates it with self-righteousness and an unrelenting and persistent rebellious nature.2 There is one more thing to observe about Rogan’s Venus. Rogan’s Venus is poorly placed in Virgo, but it is in its bound and decan. Venus therefore has some dignity despite the initial fact that it is in fall. Something else to note is that Venus is very much visible and at home in the fifth house. The fifth whole sign house is the joy of Venus, giving Venus more power and potency in its expression in the house. 


Figure 1 Joe Rogan’s natal chart in the modern style. It shows the outer planets and other points like the Vertex and Lilith. The red planets on the outer ring are the transiting planets and points as of October 21, 2021.

In the rest of Rogan’s chart, he has the Sun in Leo, the Moon in Libra, Mars in Scorpio, Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Aries, and Mercury in Leo. Rogan’s angular Sun in the fourth whole sign house gives him social prominence and leadership ability. The Sun is angular and has strong essential dignity in its domicile in Leo. However, its location in the fourth whole sign house makes it sort of invisible. His Libra moon is located in the sixth whole sign house, the joy of Mars. The location of the moon in the sixth house shows how Rogan is both a hard worker and focuses a lot on labor and employment. It also shows that he is focused on his open enemies, quarrels with other people, and quadrupeds. In fact, Rogan had many fans turn on him in 2018 while feuding with Alex Jones. At the time, Rogan was being pressured to criticize Jones, particularly Jones take on Sandy Hook. Eventually, the two made up and stopped feuding. Rogan focuses on his enemies, critics, and people who disagree with him an awful lot, even to the extent that he almost throws friends under the bus to get rid of the pressure. One of the higher manifestations of the sixth house is a focus on therapy, healing, and charity. Rogan seems to have these aspects as well, particularly when it comes to professional fighters. On his show, he often worries about ex-fighters. On one famous occasion, he lectured his friend Brendan Schaub about his future in MMA. Another area he expresses sixth house manifestations is around quadrupeds. Pet dogs are often associated with the sixth house. Rogan has a love of dogs, and his dog Marshall Mae Rogan has a million followers on Instagram. Rogan’s Moon at 25° Libra is within 2° of the Behenian fixed stars Spica and Arcturus, which are 23° Libra. Spica signifies wealth and good fortune while Arcturus signifies great talent. Considering the importance of Venus as the ruler of the ascendant, having the moon in Libra gives even more weight to Rogan’s Venus in Virgo and its importance in his life. Both the ascendant and one of the luminaries are ruled by Venus, giving Rogan an outsider edge and a heavy emphasis on Venusian qualities like socializing, harmonizing with others, and relationships. 

In the next few paragraphs, we will look at the condition of the planets in more detail, starting with Mars. Mars is in Scorpio in the seventh whole sign house. Rogan is born at night, so his Mars is less extreme and more moderate. Rogan’s Mars in Scorpio is in its domicile and is angular. With a Scorpio seventh house, Rogan is careful, moody, and low key in his public relationships and friendships. Though Rogan is married, there is little public spotlight on his wife. The seventh house, along with the third, fifth, and eleventh houses, can be places that signify friendships and relationships with others. Rogan seems to have a level of privacy with his close friends, a natural thing for a Scorpio seventh house. With Mars in the seventh, Rogan has a mastery and prominence when it comes to all things martial. Rogan is a former professional martial artist, and has a long history of associating with martial arts and professional fighting. His seventh house Mars also shows that being antagonistic in relationships comes naturally to him. It indicates that despite other parts of his chart, he has had some difficulties with others and a fair share of personal conflicts and severing of relationships. Mars in a night chart with high essential dignity, in its domicile, can give Rogan some moderation and temperance and luck in Mars related things. Because Rogan has a strong Venus dominance, his Mars in the seventh can give him a good sense of the “push and pull ” necessary in social interactions. 

Next, his Jupiter and Mercury are both in Leo. They are with the Sun in the fourth whole sign house. As angular planets, they will manifest quickly and in the key areas of life associated with fourth house topics like home, country, family, secret things, and endings. A Jupiter and Sun conjunction in Leo shows big ambitions and lofty goals. Rogan might have a tendency to overdo things, to consume too much. It can give him a larger-than-life feel. Rogan has many hobbies, interests, and friends, and some of this is related to his angular Jupiter in Leo. A Jupiter and Sun conjunction can lead to leadership ability, optimism, good health, and an openness to new things. Mercury is rising in relation to the Sun, meaning Rogan is direct, proactive, and more focused on the present and the future. 

Last, we will look at Saturn. Rogan’s natal Saturn is in the twelfth whole sign house, which is its joy. Saturn has some power in this house. The topics of the twelfth house are confinement, secret enemies, self-undoing, accidents, and mental illness. Firmicus Maternus mentions how Saturn in the twelfth whole sign house leads to “crises from slave rebellions or dangers because of slaves.”3 Severe illnesses are also connected to Saturn in the twelfth house. Firmicus also says that with benefic planets on the angles these dangers will be mitigated. From a public perspective, Rogan hasn’t really seemed to suffer from any major illnesses, or had negative encounters with people working in subservient jobs. Certainly, other parts of the chart, including Rogan’s angular Jupiter, have helped to offset negative effects of the Saturn placement. Because Rogan has a night chart, self-undoing and accidents are some of the more difficult aspects of Rogan’s life. His Saturn is out of sect and is the greater malefic since he is born at night. Saturn in Aries is in its fall, and it is opposed to the moon in Libra by sign. An additional negative is that Saturn is retrograde. The sixth house-twelfth house axis is a challenging place for Rogan, and highlights how he encounters lots of negativity and problems at certain points in his life. 

So far, there is a theme that is emerging in the chart. The importance of Venus and Mars shouldn’t be overlooked. Even though Rogan has a Taurus ascendant and a Libra moon, both of which are signs that make Rogan highly agreeable, feminine, harmonious, and sociable, the strong Venus slant is balanced with the dynamically strong and well-dignified Mars and Sun. Rogan has a good mix of Venusian energies on the one side and martial and solar energies on the other. These are very handy tools to have at hand while making a life with various careers and all the different social interactions that it would entail.

 Another area to examine is the lunation phase of the chart. With the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Libra, Rogan has a waxing Moon. As the Moon increases in light, it is related to growth and expansion. Rogan’s actual moon phase is a crescent moon. Individuals with the moon having this relationship with the Sun are usually building towards the things they want to complete and perfect. In the early waxing phase it is characterized by moving forward, overcoming, and focusing. Demetra George sees it as a phase that denotes the establishing of identity and starting new talents.4 Dane Rudhyar considers it a phase of struggle. Thus, Rogan was born when the Moon was crescent and it impacts his character by making him sociable, engaging, and focused on developing skills.  

Next, we will determine which planets are the most important for Rogan overall. The Moon isn’t a good candidate for being one of the most important planets in the chart, as it is in a cadent house both dynamically and in whole signs with no aspect to the ascendant. Venus is in its fall and retrograde, so it isn’t the best choice either, despite other positive factors, such as its location in an ascensional house and the positive fifth whole sign house and joy of Venus. It is also favorable in its sect association. Jupiter and Mercury are angular but don’t have much essential dignity in Leo. Saturn is in its joy but is in its fall and in a cadent house. That leaves Mars and the Sun, both of which are well placed. The Sun in Leo is a good candidate. It has strong essential dignity in its domicile sign Leo. It’s angular too. But it’s not as positive as Mars. Mars is the best choice for being Rogan’s most important planet, even though it is a malefic planet. That’s because it is in a nocturnal chart, is angular, and in its domicile. The Sun is angular and in its domicile as well. But the Sun is out of sect and in the weaker fourth house compared to Mars being in the sect of favor in the much stronger seventh house. Mars is the most important planet in Rogan’s natal chart, followed by the Sun. 

Another thing to look at is the planet of action. The planet of action refers to the planet that is largely responsible for a person achieving their career goals. Work, career, and earning money or the things people get in life can be looked at by examining various aspects of the natal chart. This topic is too big to cover in-depth in this article, so the planet of action or praxis will be the focus. Traditional authors had differing ways of determining the planet of action. In this article, we will look at principally the three planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars as candidates for the planet of action. Barring a highly significant and notable Saturn or Jupiter, the planet of action will be one of those three planets. To determine the planet of action, we will look at all five planets, determine their conditions, and then see if any are in or are lord of the tenth house, sixth house, and second house. We will also determine if they are in the angular houses and if they are making an appearance with the Sun. In the case of Rogan’s planet of action, we will start with Saturn and Jupiter. In some cases, Jupiter or Saturn can indicate career matters or the planet of action. But Saturn is in a bad place and in fall and Jupiter is under the beams of the Sun, and is within 1°45′ of the Sun but not cazimi. Mercury is entering the beams of the Sun and is a morning star. Mercury is a questionable candidate, as it is within the beams and doesn’t have rulership or exaltation in Leo. Mars and Venus are better candidates, and both seem to have played a role in Rogan’s various careers. As mentioned before, Venus and Mars are of the nocturnal sect, are located in good houses, and Mars has strong essential dignity. So, just looking at the condition of the planets and the ones possibly making an appearance, we have already eliminated Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury. There are just two candidates left, Mars and Venus.

The next step in looking at the planet of praxis concerns the houses. We will examine the tenth, sixth, and second houses. Rogan’s tenth whole sign house is Aquarius. The house is empty, and it’s lord is Saturn. Saturn is in its fall and is in a cadent house. It is not a good candidate. The sixth whole sign house is Libra. The Moon is in the house, but the Moon is a luminary and doesn’t count as a planet of action. However, the house ruler is Venus, a possible candidate. Then, in the second house, the sign is Gemini. The lord of the house is Mercury. So, there are two indicators for Venus and Mercury. Mercury has been considered questionable due to its being in the beams. The next thing we will look at is the angular houses. Mars is in the seventh house. Mercury is in the fourth house. Venus is in the fifth house. Mars and Mercury have the angularity, but Venus’s location isn’t too bad either.

After looking at the condition of the planets, the planets making appearances, and key houses as well as angular houses, we have two candidates. Mars and Venus seem to be the best candidates for the planet of action. If one planet has to be chosen, it would be Mars. But Rogan has a very unorthodox life, and has had many jobs and societal roles. Mars, Venus, and Mercury all have strong indicators for playing a role in the skills that Rogan acquired in his life. All three of his planets are strong in various ways. Due to his eccentric career path, I would postulate that a mix of the three planets of Mercury, Venus, and Mars as his planet of action. Rogan is pretty versatile compared to most people. Rogan’s Venusian charisma and likeability are largely responsible for smoothing over spots when it comes to being a podcast host or color commentator. His Venus ruled ascendant and Moon makes him a renegade of sorts, which helped him to be a pioneer in new fields like mixed martial arts, comedy, and podcasting. It should be noted that Rogan isn’t world famous as a stand-up comedian. He is world famous as an actor, podcaster, and fight analyst, where he can bring his various strengths to the table. His acting draws on all of his talents. His podcast draws on all of his life experience and his knowledge of comedy, professional fighting, conspiracy theories, alternative history, hunting, Hollywood, and a bunch of other topics. His prominent Mars comes in handy for his color commentary. His understanding of martial arts and past experience as a fighter gives him credibility in the UFC and professional fighting world. From my analysis, it seems all three of the planets have helped Rogan to have a variety of careers.   

There are a few other important points in Rogan’s natal chart that have yet to be discussed. Rogan has the North Node in Taurus, hinting that enhancing his personal identity and doing self-actualization is a lifetime project, while relationships are an area that is supposed to lessen and decrease over time. He comes to relationships with mastery and competence, but it is a part of life that he is supposed to give up. Over the course of his life, he is going to expand, improve, and build up all aspects related to his identity and character. Working on the concept of self is a major goal. Other important points are the Lot of Fortune and the Lot of Spirit. The Lot of Fortune is in Pisces, in the eleventh whole sign house. It is a favorable house for the native, and it is opposed to Venus, its exaltation lord, in the fifth whole sign house. The lord of the Lot of Fortune is Jupiter, which is in Leo in the fourth whole sign house. Jupiter has triplicity and decan dignity in Leo, and it is in an angular house. Saturn is trine, but Mars is an inferior square. Jupiter has a good position and really just has the beams of the Sun and a square aspect from Mars hindering it. On the negative side, the Lot of Fortune doesn’t have an aspect to its lord Jupiter, or the Moon. Overall, the placement of the Lot of Fortune is positive for Rogan, but its not as good as it can be without aspects to its lord or the Moon. Next, the Lot of Spirit is in Leo. The Lot of Spirit can show the native’s focus. It shows how fourth house matters like family, home, country, foundations, the father, endings, death and hidden things are important to Rogan. The fourth house is already quite important for Rogan, with Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun there. The placement of the Lot of Spirit only reinforces the extent that the topics of the house matter in his nativity. 

There are a number of harmful and positive planetary degree and sign aspects in Rogan’s natal chart. One of the more challenging ones is the Saturn and Moon opposition by sign. The aspect is separating with the Moon at 25° Libra and Saturn at 12° Aries. Saturn is the most malefic planet in the chart. Hand suggests that the aspect signifies an alienation crisis. The native deals with loneliness, emotional depression, or professional or family problems, issues with women, and issues with personal relationships.5 The Moon is also applying to a square with Mercury with an 8° orb. This aspect could signify conflicts between the rational mind and emotional mind.  Another hard aspect is the Sun square Mars but separating at a 4° orb. It can lead to issues with authority, frustration, and irritability. A final difficult aspect is Mars applying to a square with Jupiter at 4° orb. It can lead to optimism related to actions, a focus on the future, and new projects. Next, the soft aspects will be looked at.

The Sun and Jupiter are conjunct with 1° 45′ between them with the Sun separating. This aspect was discussed in an earlier paragraph. There is a Saturn Jupiter trine. Venus is sextile Mars and applying at a 2° orb. It is a positive aspect for socializing, relations with women, friendships, and artistic endeavors. The Sun is trine Saturn with a 5° orb. This aspect connects what Rogan does to who he is. His environment suits him.  It also shows he is good at being responsible and self-disciplined. All of the observations of aspects mentioned here are merely examples of the possible interpretations of the planetary archetypes. There are numerous ways to understand them and they take on additional roles, such as determining the condition of each planet. 

Figure 3 The Dodecatemoria or twelfth parts on Rogan’s natal chart. The planets and points in red are the twelfth parts.

Last, we will look at the twelfth parts of Rogan’s chart, which can be found on Figure 3.  The original placements of the traditional planets will be connected to the twelfth part houses. Also, planets in the bounds of benefics will indicate favorable outcomes and conditions while the bounds of malefics will indicate unfavorable outcomes and conditions. First, the Moon and Saturn are in the fourth whole sign house. Both of these planets are challenging for Rogan, as they are in the sixth and twelfth whole sign houses. The misfortunate and difficult parts of Rogan’s life are connected to his home, family, parents, and the end of his life. The fourth is connected to the parents, especially the father. Rogan didn’t contact his father after the age of seven, and has publicly recalled that his father engaged in domestic violence. The Moon is in the bounds of Venus and Saturn in the bounds of Mars. Saturn is in the bounds of a malefic and should thus be considered even more challenging. Now that we have examined the twelfth parts of the Moon and Saturn, we will move on to Mercury, Mars and the Sun, and Venus and Jupiter. 

The next planet we will look at is Mercury. Mercury is in the fifth house in the bounds of Jupiter. Mercury in the fifth house connects Rogan’s character through his ascendant lord Venus to mercurial significations like podcasting, comedy, and acting. His fourth house Mercury has connections to the fifth house’s Venusian significations and the ascendant lord. It is also confirmed in its importance because it is in the bounds of Jupiter. The next two planets we will look at are Mars and the Sun. Both are in the eleventh house. Mars is in the bounds of Mercury and the Sun is in the bounds of Venus. Seventh whole sign house Mars is connected to the house of Jupiter. Mars is in a good place and is related to Rogan’s dreams, friendships, and membership in groups. Rogan’s Mars in the eleventh whole sign house can show his connections to professional fighting and the UFC. Rogan’s whole sign fourth house Sun is also connected to the fourth house. Mars is in a neutral bound while the Sun is in a favorable one. Last, we will look at Venus and Jupiter. Venus and Jupiter are in each other’s bounds in the tenth whole sign house. Rogan’s fourth whole sign house Jupiter connects issues of family, home, and foundations to career, success, and achievement. Likewise, his Venus in the fifth whole sign house connects issues like fun, creativity, artistic abilities, love, and games to awards, career, visibility, reputation, and success. Rogan’s career, success, and fame is partly a result of the two benefic planets bestowing luck and good fortune. Seeing Venus in the tenth confirms its role as a planet of action. While both Mercury and Mars are important, Venus seems to be linked with the tenth house and of the three candidates for the planet of action, it could be the best choice. Not only is it in the tenth house, it is also in the Egyptian bound of a benefic. Taking into consideration its placement as a twelfth part, Venus could replace Mars as Rogan’s planet of action. The twelfth parts indicate Rogan had a lot of career help from the fortunate planets. 

Part 2: Timing Techniques

A variety of timing techniques were used in ancient astrology to determine when things would occur in an individual’s life. 6 Each period of time is divided into smaller allotments of time, and the planets that rule the time increments are called time-lords. Timing techniques can tell a lot about an individual’s life, and in this section of the article, we will look at transits to transits, annual profections, zodiacal releasing, ascensional times, and planetary periods. Each of these ancient techniques will only be looked at briefly to come up with a general portrait of Rogan’s time-lords. Most time-lord techniques, as they are called in contemporary astrology, give a plethora of information about a native and might take an entire article to dissect the material. Readers should be aware of the narrow scope of the timing techniques discussed here. The techniques are not used to their greatest potential since four separate techniques are being employed.  

Transits to Transits

Figure 4 The transits of the planets in the natal chart.

Transits to transits refers to when planets move through the tropical zodiac or horoscope. When Jupiter entered Aries on May 11,  2022, Rogan’s role as a dissident or heretic may have been cemented. Many astrologers like to point out that Jupiter in the twelfth whole sign house is often a sign of a heretic. The native often has a problem with authority figures. The last time Jupiter was in Aries, Rogan was in his early days on the Joe Rogan Experience, doing podcasts about alternative history, conspiracy theories, and edgy comedy. This time, he is emerging as a critic of the expert class, media, and government dogma. Another major transit Rogan is experiencing is Saturn in his tenth whole sign house. Saturn in the tenth house will do a lot to transform one’s public image, career, and what they are known for. Since Saturn entered Aquarius, Rogan has been more willing to go against the conventional talking points put out by the media. He is becoming an authentic person rather than someone who changes his opinion based on his guest or the blowback he receives in the media. Saturn seems to be working on Rogan in a way that is different than is typical for other people. Usually, Saturn in the tenth might mean major challenges, changes in direction, and lots of hard work around career topics. For Rogan, Saturn’s transit in the tenth has been more about determining the kind of person he wants to be known as and the types of issues he wants to fight for. Rogan has a more genuine and honest demeanor than he had in previous years. He has been pushed to not be afraid to fight for his true beliefs, rather than be changeable and concerned about the mainstream consensus. The transit will end with Rogan a more authentic person. The transits of Jupiter and Saturn were influential in Rogan’s 54th birth year.

The two transits to watch as far as the controversy with Young are those of Saturn and Mars. First, Rogan’s Saturn is fully malefic and placed in the tenth house. As Saturn entered new territory and bounds in the early part of 2022 it aligns well with the personal attacks on Rogan’s career. Next, Mars was in Capricorn and was square Rogan’s natal Saturn and Moon, his two most difficult placements. Mars transits in key parts of Rogan’s natal chart are covered in more depth in the next section on profections. The transits of Saturn and Mars corresponded a little to the controversy surrounding Rogan. 

Annual Profections

Figure 5 The annual profections listed for the birth years of Joe Rogan’s life based on his ascendant in Taurus.

Annual profections are an astrological time-lord system that was first used in the Hellenistic period. In the technique, when looking at time allotments of a year, a natal sign is pushed forward one sign each year. Profections can be used from any of the 12 signs or whole sign houses, but usually the most important were profections from the ascendant and the sect light. Astrologers also profected from the luminary that was out of sect and the Lot of Fortune. In this article, we will profect from the ascendant and sect light. Rogan’s podcast was created on December 24, 2009. It was a seventh house profection year, like the current year, his 53rd birth year of 2021-2022. Profecting from the Moon, which is Rogan’s sect light, this year is also a twelfth house profection. The planet that is Lord of the Year for both signs is Mars. The Lord of the Year is the planet that is the lord of the profected sign. The signs that are activated for the profection year of 2021-2022 are Scorpio and Aries. The seventh house signifies relationships, exile, friends, marriage and the twelfth house signifies imprisonment, misfortune, mental illness, secret enemies, and forced labor. Further, Saturn and Mars are in the signs of Aries and Scorpio in the natal chart, so they both place a direct role in the year. Because the malefics are directly involved, Rogan’s 53rd year could be a dangerous, challenging, and difficult year for him. Saturn is the planet that is the out of sect malefic that can cause more damage to Rogan. Saturn is activated in the Moon’s profection in Aries, but Mars is the lord of both houses and the activated planet from the ascendant’s profection.

The condition of Mars is very important, as it is the Lord of the Year for both profected signs. For the themes of the seventh house and twelfth house, they are activated when Mars aspects other planets, enters new signs, and especially if Mars enters Scorpio and Aries. The houses are also activated when other planets enter those signs. In Rogan’s 53rd birth year, there were major contacts with Scorpio and Aries. Mars ingressed Scorpio on October 31st until December 14th. It entered Aries on May 25th, 2022. Those were two big hits. September, October, and November 2021 also saw Venus, the Sun, and Mercury enter Scorpio. Not to be outdone, Jupiter’s entry into Aries on May 11, 2022 activated Rogan’s twelfth house. Each of these activations was important. The various planet ingresses into Scorpio in the fall corresponded with Rogan’s actions that later made him a target. The fall was when Rogan began interviewing vaccine skeptics on his podcast. The major attacks on Rogan occurred in January 2022. It corresponded to Mars in Capricorn.

Let’s look at the route Mars took during that time. Mars’s journey through the signs during Rogan’s 53rd birth year started with Virgo. Then it ingressed Libra on September 16th. On October 31st, it entered Scorpio and on December 14th it entered Sagittarius. Next, it ingressed Capricorn on January 25th, Aquarius on March 7th, Pisces on April 16th, Aries on May 26th, and Taurus on July 6th. The fixed signs as well as Aries were key periods to look at. The Berenson interview occurred when Mars was in Libra. Dr. McCulloch was on the podcast while Mars was in Scorpio. Dr. Malone made his appearance while Mars was in Sagittarius. Right around the time that Mars entered Capricorn, the entire controversy with Neil Young started.7

Interestingly, Capricorn isn’t Scorpio or Aries. So, the controversy with Young doesn’t exactly line up with the annual profections from the ascendant and moon. The transits Rogan was experiencing at the time were Jupiter in his eleventh house and Mars in his ninth house, both recent ingresses. Mars was co-present with Venus in Capricorn. The ingress of Mars into a new sign, co-present with Venus, and square Rogan’s worst houses and natal placements, is significant. Transiting Mars was square Rogan’s natal Saturn in Aries and his natal Moon in Libra. Besides these transiting aspects, the time-lord appears to indicate either the controversy was a non-event, or something that the timing technique didn’t fully predict. There were no big Aries or Scorpio transits at this time. However, as mentioned earlier, the transits through Scorpio were largely responsible for the later attacks on Rogan in the first place. Like the topics of the twelfth house and seventh house profections indicate, Rogan had contact with secret enemies and had conflict in his relationships with others in his 54th birth year.  The year fit the Mars ruled nature of both profected signs.

Another interesting aspect of having the seventh house profection year from the ascendant is that it was in the 41st birth year of Rogan’s life that he began the Joe Rogan Experience. At that time, he was undergoing a similarly difficult profection year. Twelve years later, his show faced the most opposition it has. He was a target of famous celebrities, many media outlets, and Twitter campaigns. It was a challenging time and Rogan and his show saw a peak of public opposition. Rogan, and by extension the Joe Rogan Experience, survived the difficult year. In some rights it was an anniversary year, a year of seventh house and twelfth house profections from the ascendant and Moon. The show’s continued survival was affirmed. 

Zodiacal Releasing

Zodiacal releasing is another time-lord system that comes from the Hellenistic tradition. Vettius Valens writes about it in his Anthology. In zodiacal releasing, calculations are made from a sign. For looking at career, the chosen sign is the sign of the Lot of Spirit. The technique uses the terminology releasing, a translation of aphesis, to show the loosing or act of releasing a significator move from its fixed position at a certain rate in the birth chart. In zodiacal releasing, the releasing of a significator moves the time-lords from sign to sign, based on the planetary years. The years are: Leo-19, Cancer-25, Virgo and Gemini-20, Libra and Taurus-8, Scorpio and Aries-15, Sagittarius and Pisces-12, Capricorn and Aquarius-27 and 30.Within zodiacal releasing, there are four periods of time that are calculated. These periods are years, months, weeks, and days. This method can be applied to a natal chart, which will now be done to understand Rogan’s career trajectory.

To start, we should find the two most important lot placements in Rogan’s natal chart. Rogan has the Lot of Fortune in Pisces and Lot of Spirit in Leo. To look at career matters, we will release from Leo. The Lot of Fortune is in a mutable sign, Pisces. The mutable signs will symbolize the peaks and greatest activity for Spirit matters like career and mental activity related to what one does in life. The fixed signs will represent preparatory periods that build towards the peaks. And the cardinal signs will represent the finishing up and completion of things that occurred during the peak. 

We will analyze from the beginning of Rogan’s life, which can be seen in the chart in Figure 6. Rogan began his life with the Lot of Fortune in Leo. Leo is a 19-year period. It began on August 11, 1967 and ended on May 3, 1986. The 19-year period took place on Level 1. Henceforth, periods and sub-periods on Levels 1 and 2 will be referred to as L1 and L2. During this lengthy 19-year period, Rogan was in a preparatory phase. He was a martial arts practitioner since the age of 14, taking karate in either 1981 or 1982. This was during an L2 releasing in Gemini, a minor peak period. Rogan graduated high school in 1985. In 1984, the loosing of the bond occurred. This is a time when a potential new life direction can suddenly come up. It also can anticipate future changes. The loosing of the bond was on December 1, 1984. I can’t find any record of Rogan changing his career trajectory at this time. This was during his last year of high school, and he was a martial artist. It’s possible that it was around this period that he watched a Richard Pryor film that led to him eventually trying a new career direction in stand-up comedy. Though some major events had occurred for Rogan in his first 19 years, such as becoming a martial arts practitioner and a having a love of stand-up comedy, Rogan’s Leo period ended without major career success. The next period was a Virgo period. The L1 Virgo period began on May 3, 1986. It lasted until January 17, 2006. It was a 20-year period. Rogan was a young man, but he had reached a new time-lord that signified a career peak. Things really started going in 1988. Rogan began a new career in stand-up comedy at the time. After his first comedy gig in August, 1988, Rogan worked many part-time jobs while he did stand-up in the Boston area for the next few years. On August 20, 1988, Rogan entered a new L2 time-lord, the fixed sign Scorpio. Rogan’s first stand-up was on August 27, 1988. The Scorpio period began a new minor career trajectory. It correlated to Rogan’s new life working comedy. On November 13, 1989, Rogan began a major career peak in Sagittarius on L2. In 1990, he moved to New York, as he had been signed by an agent and was starting to make a name for himself. This Sagittarius peak period fit the move to New York and the career advances in comedy. Rogan had entered a new preparatory period in early 1993 in Aquarius on L2. In 1994, Rogan moved to Los Angeles. His move to Los Angeles gave him access to the entertainment industry. In 1995, Rogan entered a new major peak period on L2 in the sign of Pisces. Sure enough, Rogan got a job in the NBC sitcom Newsradio. As Rogan was finishing up his Aries L2 period in early 1997, he began work with the UFC. This was counter-intuitive as far as zodiacal releasing goes, as the cardinal signs connect to completion and finishing up activities in the prior peak period. Nonetheless, he entered a new minor peak period on May 30, 1998 in Gemini on L2. Newsradio ended in 1999, during this time. After finishing the minor cycle on L2, Rogan entered a new anticipatory period in Leo on L2 on February 8, 2002. It was just prior to this time that he began work on the TV show Fear Factor. Again, there was a loosing of the bond on L1 on September 1, 2003. During this time, Rogan was hosting Fear Factor and working on The Man Show with Doug Stanhope. Without Rogan’s input, it is impossible to know if he had second thoughts about acting or Fear Factor at this time. In the years that followed in the early aughts, Rogan continued to have major career peak activity on L1 that mirrored his daily life.

Finally, the 20-year Virgo period on L1 ended. Rogan would now begin a new period. On January 17, 2006, the L1 time-lord changed to Libra. As a cardinal sign, this was a period that signified completion and finishing up activities that related to the peak. A Libra period is 8 years long. Rogan focused a lot on stand-up comedy in this period. He also started the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in late 2009, during an L2 Capricorn period. It occurred in a cardinal period, which entailed completion of the minor career trajectory on L2. The L1 Libra period ended on December 6, 2013.

The next time-lord was Scorpio. The Scorpio period was from December 6, 2013 and will end on September 19, 2028. As Scorpio is a fixed sign, Rogan is currently in an anticipatory period. The current time-lords for zodiacal releasing as of July 7th, 2022 are Scorpio at L1 and Aries at L2. On L2, Rogan is currently in a period of completion and may start to go in a somewhat new direction. The current cycle on L2 culminated in him moving to Spotify on September 1, 2020. Right after that, he entered an L2 major peak period in Pisces on October 31, 2020. Rogan’s move to Spotify made him wealthier and hasn’t diminished his brand. Again, the major peak period in Pisces corresponds to real world events in Rogan’s life and career trajectory.

To understand the recent personal attacks on Rogan and his show, we can look at the quality of the times in the technique. In Rogan’s chart, his fully malefic Saturn is in Aries, a cardinal sign. His moderately malefic planet Mars is in Scorpio, a fixed sign. The periods that Rogan should encounter more difficulties and view less favorably would be the times that are associated with cardinal signs, and to a lesser extent, fixed signs. Looking at the benefic planets Venus and Jupiter, the fully benefic Venus is in a mutable sign and the less benefic Jupiter is in a fixed sign. In conclusion, Rogan will have an unfavorable experience of cardinal sign times, a mixed experience of fixed sign times, and a favorable experience of mutable sign times. Then, looking at Rogan’s current L1 in Scorpio and L2 in Aries, Rogan is currently in a mixed time on L1 and an unfavorable time on L2. During this fifteen year period in Scorpio, Rogan’s currently going through a difficult time in relation to other periods. This information fits the negativity and ire directed at Rogan earlier this year. 

The interesting thing about Rogan’s natal chart is that despite all the success he has had, he still hasn’t reached his career peak in this cycle of zodiacal releasing on L1. Rogan will reach his career peak on L1 on September 19, 2028. It will be the second time in his life that he has reached a career peak on L1. Rogan will be 61 years old. Rogan has already achieved a great deal, as he has one of the top podcasts in the world and has multiple successful careers as a stand-up comedian, actor, color commentator, and podcast host. One would have to wonder what Rogan would do next to top his colorful and thriving career. Given his advanced age and talents, its unlikely that he will have break out success in acting or comedy. Potentially, his podcast could continue to grow. But there are other possibilities.

Rogan may take on a greater leadership role as a member of Generation X. Nowadays, it has become popular to refer to William Strauss and Neil Howe’s book The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy-What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America’s Next Rendezvous with Destiny and predict a Fourth Turning in the coming years. Popular pundits like Tim Pool and political strategists like Steven Bannon reference “Fourth Turnings” to discuss the state of modern-day America. In The Fourth Turning, the Fourth Turning refers to an approximately twenty year period in which a Crisis occurs. There are four turnings in a saeculum, which is a period of time that spans four generations and anywhere from 80 to 110 years. Within the four turnings there are four generational archetypes that co-exist. The archetypes are the Artist, Prophet, Nomad, and Hero. A Crisis is defined as an era of war, upheaval, and turmoil in which the old values regime is redefined by a new order.8 “Within these scripts, each archetype confronts its shadow in the Crisis, and each finds itself in a position to provide society with an attribute that felt lacking in the turning of its own childhood. The Prophet, born in the High, seeks vision; the Nomad, born in the Awakening, seeks realism; the Hero, born in the Unraveling, seeks power; and the Artist, born in the (prior or current) Crisis, seeks empathy.”9 Each of the generational archetypes plays an important role. 

Generation X is the Nomad archetype. During a Crisis period, Nomads are usually at their mid-life points. Nomads will play a pivotal role in the Crisis period. “Every tool 13ers[Nomads] acquired during a hardened childhood and individualist youth will be put to maximum test.”10 Nomads have special survival skills which will be essential when a Crisis catalyzes. They will also start replacing Prophets and elder Artists in positions. “Their own elected officials will surge into Congress as the Crisis catalyzes, eclipse Boomers around its climax, and totally dominate them by the time it resolves.”11 During the Second World War, which was the last Crisis period, Nomads led America on the battlefields of Europe and Asia. In that saeculum, the Nomads were the Lost Generation of 1883-1900. President Truman and President Eisenhower were both Nomads who went on to lead America by the end of the Crisis. Nomads provide realism and experience as mentors, managers, advisors, and leaders. One has to wonder if Rogan has a possible political career in the near future, as Rogan is a very prominent member of Gen-X, and his clout and visibility seem to be growing. At the very least, Rogan may try to lead his audience to question and discuss media and government narratives in an honest and fair way, if the events of late 2021 and early 2022 are any indication. Depending on the nature of a possible Crisis, gritty and self-reliant Gen-Xers like Rogan can be counted on to provide leadership to the younger generations. Rogan’s upcoming career peak on L1 is mostly likely related to the global situation at the time, be it war with Russia and China, a breakdown of society, or some unforeseen catastrophe. This section of the article looked at Rogan’s career in general terms through the use of zodiacal releasing. Readers should be aware that the use of zodiacal releasing demonstrated here does not utilize all of the analytical tools in the timing technique.

Leo L1/L2 – 08/11/1967
   Leo L2 – 08/11/1967
   Vir L2 – 03/03/1969
   Lib L2 – 10/24/1970
   Sco L2 – 06/21/1971
   Sag L2 – 09/13/1972
   Cap L2 – 09/08/1973
   Aqu L2 – 11/27/1975
   Pis L2 – 05/15/1978
   Ari L2 – 05/10/1979
   Tau L2 – 08/02/1980
   Gem L2 – 03/30/1981
   Can L2 – 11/20/1982
   Aqu L2 – 12/09/1984 – LB
Vir L1/L2 – 05/03/1986
   Vir L2 – 05/03/1986
   Lib L2 – 12/24/1987
   Sco L2 – 08/20/1988
   Sag L2 – 11/13/1989
   Cap L2 – 11/08/1990
   Aqu L2 – 01/26/1993
   Pis L2 – 07/15/1995
   Ari L2 – 07/09/1996
   Tau L2 – 10/02/1997
   Gem L2 – 05/30/1998
   Can L2 – 01/20/2000
   Leo L2 – 02/08/2002
   Pis L2 – 09/01/2003 – LB
   Ari L2 – 08/26/2004
   Tau L2 – 11/19/2005
Lib L1/L2 – 01/18/2006
   Lib L2 – 01/18/2006
   Sco L2 – 09/15/2006
   Sag L2 – 12/09/2007
   Cap L2 – 12/03/2008
   Aqu L2 – 02/21/2011
   Pis L2 – 08/09/2013
Sco L1/L2 – 12/07/2013
   Sco L2 – 12/07/2013
   Sag L2 – 03/02/2015
   Cap L2 – 02/25/2016
   Aqu L2 – 05/15/2018
   Pis L2 – 10/31/2020
   Ari L2 – 10/26/2021
   Tau L2 – 01/19/2023
   Gem L2 – 09/16/2023
   Can L2 – 05/08/2025
   Leo L2 – 05/28/2027

Figure 6  The signs and dates for zodiacal releasing from Rogan’s releasing from Spirit in Leo.  The names of the signs are written with only their first three letters for brevity. The symbol L2 signifies Level 2 time-lords, as the releasing is at Level 2 at the assigned dates.

Ascensional Times and Minor Planetary Periods

Ascensional times and planetary periods are two other time lord techniques. The ascensional times refers to the amount of equatorial degrees that pass the meridian while a sign is rising. In this technique, the ascenional times are degrees that equal a period of time. The minor planetary periods are mostly synodic cycles, except for the periods associated with the Sun and Moon. The synodic cycles are the period of time it takes a planet to return to the same degree in the zodiac in relation to the Sun. The Sun’s cycle is metonic, and the Moon’s is based on a relationship between the lunation cycle and the Egyptian calendar. The years are: Sun-19, Moon-25, Mercury-20, Venus-8, Mars-15, Jupiter-12, Saturn-30. Both techniques are used in Hellenistic astrology.

     Sun 19 years
     Moon 25 years
     Mercury 20 years
     Venus 8 years
     Mars 15 years
    Jupiter 12 years
     Saturn 30 years

A simple way to use planetary periods the way some of the Hellenistic astrologers did it is to merely look at a planet in a house and another planet that is making an aspect and then adding the years of the planets. Any planet, aspect between planets, or combination of planets can be activated when looking at the planetary periods and adding them together. For example, there are Mars, Venus, and Mercury conjoined in the sign of Taurus. To understand the activation of the three planets in the sign, the planetary periods are added up. Mars equals fifteen years, Venus equals eight years, and Mercury equals twenty years. The three numbers are added up to forty-three years. So, the three planets will be activated during the 42-43rd birth year. Building on the use of planetary periods, the ascensional times can be combined. The easiest way to use the ascensional times is for getting a better understanding of a house. The ascensional times for a house can be used to look at the timing of whole sign house topics. Valens is one of the main sources on the use of ascensional times. He also suggests that the ascensional times can be divided into halves and thirds. In some texts, the ascensional times and minor planetary periods are combined to look at houses, planets, or planetary configurations.  

Here, we will look at a few houses and planet combinations related to the focus of this article, namely the 2021-2022 time-lords for Joe Rogan’s natal chart. In a future article on this website, the ascensional times and minor planetary periods will be examined in more detail then they are here with Rogan as one of the subjects. Upon examining the ascensional times, one thing that stands out is that some important houses in Rogan’s chart are activated at age 48, which refers to his 47th-48th birth year. This is August 11, 2014 to August 11, 2015. The whole sign houses are Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio. His whole sign fourth through seventh house ascensions are Leo at 48.83, Virgo at 48.08, Libra at 48.08, and Scorpio at 48.83. These houses have most of Rogan’s planets in them. They also are important houses, particularly the fourth, fifth, and seventh. Sure enough, 2015 represented an interesting time for Rogan. Though the JRE has expanded its audience in recent years, it already was one of the most popular podcasts by 2015, according to reporting by Time Magazine.9 This point in Rogan’s chart, the activation of important angular houses in one quadrant of the chart, corresponds to his show reaching a large audience and Rogan’s becoming a household name. 

None of the houses in the chart have ascensional times that are activated at age 54. However, there are planetary aspects and placements that are activated for times a couple of years down the road. Rogan’s fifth house Venus placement will be activated at age 56, later next year.  The Virgo ascension is 48 years and the Venus period is 8 years, totaling 56 years. It will be related to the topics of the fifth house like fun, creativity, games, love, and children. It should be a positive and happy activation. There is another area of Rogan’s chart that is relevant currently. The activation of his Saturn and Moon opposition is 55 years old. This is one of the most difficult aspects in Rogan’s chart, though it is only by sign and a separating aspect. It is likely to be related to the houses Saturn and the Moon are in, and might be a health scare, an accident, an injury, or some other sort of bad luck. 


In conclusion, Mars is arguably Rogan’s most important planet. It is located in the seventh whole sign house in Scorpio. The red planet is moderate due to sect. It also is angular, direct, and strong in essential dignity. Timing techniques like transits, annual profections, zodiacal releasing, and ascensional times and minor planetary periods reveal a lot about Rogan’s life at various times. Current transits show Rogan solidifying what he is known for in the world, as well as giving him heretic credentials with both Jupiter transiting his twelfth whole sign house and Saturn in his whole sign tenth house. Annual profections suggest that Rogan is in a year of secret enemies and relationships with others. Because Mars and Saturn are involved and Mars is the time-lord for the birth year, the controversy that Rogan experienced in early 2022 fit the malefic nature of the significations of the activated houses, natal Saturn, and Mars as the time-lord. He is currently in an anticipatory phase when releasing from the Lot of Spirit for career matters and mental activity. The qualities of the times indicate that Rogan is experiencing an unfavorable time on L2 in Aries, a cardinal sign. From the ascensional times and minor planetary periods, Rogan had the fourth through seventh houses activated at age 48 in 2015. By this point, Rogan was well-established as a successful podcast host. Though the timing techniques are varied, there is a little correspondence across methods and the results they give. 

As for the whole quarrel with musician Neil Young, the media attention has arguably backfired. Rogan didn’t lose his Spotify gig. The attempt by some celebrities to cancel Rogan not only failed but has arguably enlarged his audience. At the same time, the controversy cemented Rogan’s status as non-cancellable. The podcaster’s audience of 12 million viewers towers over MSNBC and CNN and never has it been more obvious than in mid-2022. Looking at the situation astrologically, the year’s connection to the creation of Rogan’s podcast in 2009 couldn’t be more apparent. Annual profections show that this birth year and the year Rogan began the podcast are correlated. The Joe Rogan Experience’s success has been reaffirmed and though it has been challenged and attacked more than it has been in the past 12 years, the podcast continues onwards. 


Research on this article first began in February of 2022 and it was finally published on July 10, 2022.



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