**Bulletin: A Short History of the Brand, Website, and Content of Mad Sage Astrology**


A Brief History of Mad Sage Astrology


Dear Readers,

There have been big changes to Mad Sage Astrology of late, so I thought I would provide a brief timeline that explains the history of the brand, site, and content. Sharing the story about the brand and the  website’s incremental growth might help others to appreciate and understand the content better. 

A brief history of the brand, site, and its writing content follows.



I often jotted down ideas for astrology articles. Sometimes, I even wrote incomplete drafts. Some early drafts were related to Saturn in Sagittarius, the Spring equinox, how to tell a good person, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions, and the Syrian war(all written in 2015), the astrology of specific celebrities(2016), and small insights gleamed from the charts of people I had met(2016-2017). None of the pieces were ever finished, likely due to my own busy writing schedule and the absence of a place to share any of my completed writing. At the time, I was interested in starting a blog with a title related to the 9th house. In late 2017, I started to work on coming up with better branding ideas. I used Survey Monkey to share some ideas for novellas I was writing, and solicited feedback on names for my Astrology brand. The one that got the best feedback was Mad Sage Astrology.



In 2018, I finally looked into getting my website going. Lucky for me, a friend was knowledgeable about web hosting and advised me to pay for my own hosting. I listened, and paid for a domain and hosting service. By May of 2018, I had a website up. It fit the changes of 2018, as I embarked on an esoteric journey as the year progressed. A big factor was Uranus in Taurus. The same friend who helped get the hosting mocked me because he thought my site might fall to the wayside from neglect like so many others. By the fall, I was preparing to write, and in late November 2018, I started to write my first article, “Rituals to Venus and Jupiter.”



At the start of 2019, I published a bunch of my first articles on the website, starting with the “Rituals to Venus and Jupiter” article. There was a pause in the production of content in the spring, given that I was moving, traveling, writing creative fiction, and working on a few Mad Sage articles. In the late summer and fall, I did a bunch of writing. Again, my efforts were scattered in various directions, as I was doing blogging, editing, and creating content for two other sites. Still, I did a good amount of work on some articles from December 2019 to March 2020. Once COVID-19 had brought civilization to a halt, a lot of my energy was diverted to communicating with friends and family, the news cycle, and responding to the global crisis. Despite that, I started to work on some mundane astrology articles that were supposed to focus on the major changes that were to occur in the world in the beginning of this century.



Aside from some article ideas and some mundane astrology content, there were only two articles that were written in the final six months of 2020. These were both about Sirius’s heliacal rising. Additional work was done on future articles as the year ended, During the latter half of 2020, I mostly read esoteric books and engaged in ritual work.



In 2021, I completed one article that I had the idea for in 2020, “Bloodstone Talisman.” A lot happened in 2020, but much of it was directed internally, towards practice, ideas, and new directions. Very little work was done towards blogging, aside from the writing of notes and lists for many new ideas for esoteric and astrological material. Another article, an interview on Platonism, was done in 2021. Again, though I wasn’t writing, I spent nearly the entire year reading. From August to December, I read a bunch of academic texts that had great material and gave me a bunch of ideas for future articles. Starting in December of 2021, I began to write for the blog once again. By late December, my astrology chart, time lords, and mood convinced me that I should focus solely on blogging for Mad Sage Astrology until August 2022. While writing about esoteric and astrological content, I re-read traditional astrology literature.



In 2022, I wrote over numerous articles for Mad Sage Astrology. I also wrote drafts for many other articles that I hoped would be finished in the early months of 2023. Throughout the first half of the year, I continued to read esoteric and astrological literature.



There have been periods that had a flurry of activity, and others that had just a little activity. In the future, there will be bulletins that give notice on: 1) temporary writing goals; 2) changes in topic or direction; 3) pauses or breaks in the publishing of content.

Thanks for your support. 



Mad Sage Creator and Writer





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