Paul Benning

I recently had the privilege of getting an astrological reading from David. I consider it to have been a useful experience. I’m not very familiar with astrological terminology and I certainly have no idea what my future holds for me, but each piece of information from the reading gave me something to focus on. It’s… Read more “Paul Benning”

Jiyun Kim

David is not only intelligent, but also a highly likable person. His genuine passion for astrology was evident in our conversation. It was as if I were transported back in time, receiving wisdom from a sage bursting in joy for his precious craft. Indeed, I did receive a lot of information from David, including specific… Read more “Jiyun Kim”

Jeongeun Shin

  David’s astrology reading was a process that told me about myself, by and large. I had many answers to my past behavior and actions. While talking about my natal chart, I began to understand about myself by taking some time for self-examination. It is like a type of mind therapy. I would like to… Read more “Jeongeun Shin”