Astrology consultations will consist of natal readings and timing techniques.  First, there is the natal reading, the most common type of astrology practiced. Usually, a natal chart is drawn up with the position of the planets along the tropical zodiac at the subject’s time of birth. The astrologer will then interpret the natal chart. The focus will be on one’s overall life. While specific times can be identified, it will mostly look at pervasive themes that are applicable throughout life. Timing techniques, on the other hand, can be used to hone in on a specific year or date to see the prevalent trends and events. For example, a timing technique will predict types of events or the character of a period of time in relation to the natal chart. Both approaches are fundamental to any astrological reading.

Natal readings have many components. They include discussion of phases, houses, aspects, fixed stars, and essential dignity. Then there are other aspects that enrich a natal reading. David has some knowledge of the 36 decans, which can also be used to add further subdivisions.  Additionally, the somewhat forgotten technique of using the 12th parts is possible upon request. In layman’s terms, the natal chart reading will have analysis of specific areas of life such as love, health, marriage, and money. It will also determine the most positive and negative areas of one’s life, and the parts of life that are active and quicker to manifest. Natal chart readings, while having a plethora of information, are useful and different than timing techniques.

There are many timing techniques and they each have a unique system. A key element to any astrological timing technique is that it often assigns qualities to periods of time. For example, solar returns are useful for looking at one year periods. Zodiacal releasing divides time into large and small parts. Planetary periods are a number of years assigned to each planet. Each technique has interpretive principles. The timing techniques David uses include transits, annual profections, planetary periods, solar returns, Venus returns, secondary progressions, and zodiacal releasing. These are ancient and modern techniques that can give a general outline of the current period and future or past patterns. Zodiacal releasing, for example, identifies the timing of career peaks. With timing techniques, it’s possible to have an idea of what to expect in a given time period.

Also, it is possible to use astrocartography lines and mapping with Delphic Oracle, the software that will be used for the consultation. Astrocartography is a locational astrology system that identifies places on a world map where planets are angular. They are often used to advise clients on places they may visit or live.

The cost of an hour natal chart consultation is fifty US dollars. The client will receive a color birth chart image, a recording of the consultation, and an essential dignities and timing technique image.

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