Natal Consultations

60 minutes 70 US Dollars

The natal chart reading can help and individual to gain a better understanding of self, goals, career, talents, relationships, friends, finances, inheritance, family issues, physical illnesses, travel, educational paths, character, and interpersonal skills. The natal chart reading starts with the 12th part of the ascendant, and goes through the ascendant, the sun and the moon, the midheaven, the angles, the houses, planets, aspects, the dignities table, fixed stars, the lots of fortune and spirit, and if time allows,  a choice of either discussing about the activation of specific houses, the current time lords in zodiacal releasing from spirit, or more discussion about any specific issues.


Year-Ahead Consultations

60 minutes 70 US Dollars

With this type of consultation, I will look at the next 12 months from the time of the consultation. A Year-Ahead Consultation will look at transits, profections, and zodiacal releasing. With a few timing techniques, I will explain where the client is in the context of the greater trends. The reading will look at potential events and shifts, and any things that are predicted with the use of these ancient techniques.


Specific Issue Consultations

60 minutes 70 US Dollars

A Specific Issue Consultation deals with one or more particular issues that need special attention. These could be related to relationships, health problems, unfortunate events, upcoming events, or family issues. Normally, specific issues could be brought up in a Natal or Year-Ahead Consultation, but there would be less time to focus on or discuss them. A Specific Issue Consultation is an investigation into a specific issue. For example, if a client wants to focus only on the topic of love or romance in their life, I would gear the entire consultation towards focusing on the sole topic of love and romance. Especially with issues listed here, I will try to use various concepts and techniques. Tools I can draw upon include the twelfth parts, Hermetic lots, derivative houses, traditional synastry, and various timing techniques. Prospective clients can feel free to contact me about any issues they may want a consultation on.


System, Zodiac, and Style

As a traditional astrologer, I use the tropical zodiac, whole sign houses, and the body of traditional astrology. Despite this emphasis, I pay attention to quadrant houses and in some cases blend the two. My chart interpretation is a mix of traditional and modern astrological perspectives. The astrology software I use is Zoidsoft’s Delphic Oracle.

About Me

I have studied traditional and modern astrology for seven years and have been an enthusiast for over a decade. In addition to looking at hundreds of natal charts, I’ve completed traditional astrology courses, taken classes with famous astrologers, and read many astrology books. Primarily a student of Hellenistic astrology, I also know a good deal about other eras of astrology. Drawing upon my knowledge of traditional and modern astrology as well as the many charts I’ve seen, I am bound to come up with a good analysis of almost any part of a natal chart. I can discuss astrological configurations with a high degree of competence and can offer many insights. Beyond my intellectual communication style, I have a friendly and outgoing personality. My goal is to give useful and meaningful advice to others from an astrological perspective.


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David discussing the Lot of Fortune in a cafe. Photo by Mad Sage Astrology.



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