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The Mad Sage approach synthesizes traditional and modern astrological techniques. Mad Sage is a professional brand for David Kute, an ESL teacher by trade.

David Kute graduated UCLA with B.A.’s in history and political science. Areas of interest included humanist literature, classics, and medieval views of kingship. Since university, he has largely worked in English education abroad. At the same time, he has pursued teaching middle school social science, writing literary fiction, and learning software development.

In 2010, a friend made his natal birth chart. Learning for the first time that astrology was more than just sun signs, his interest in the subject grew. In August 2014, he decided to find an astrology course to get solid foundations in the discipline. Initially, he was set on a modern course when the YouTube algorithm brought up a Hellenistic astrology video. Upon listening to Chris Brennan discuss the historical context of traditional astrology, he was immediately sold and signed up for his Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology course. A year later, he completed the course and since that time he has taken courses taught by Austin Coppock and other astrologers. He has read the ancient Hellenistic sources such as Vettius Valens, Paul of Alexandria, Dorotheus of Sidon, Claudius Ptolemy, Porphyry, Manilius, Hephaistion, and Firmicus Maternus, amongst others. Modern astrologers whose work he is familiar with include Robert Hand, Liz Greene, Demetra George, Nick Dagan Best, Dane Rudyhar, Alan Leo, Christopher Warnock, Linda Goodman, and many more. Kute has been a member of the Association of Young Astrologers since 2018. He currently lives in Seoul, South Korea.




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