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My name is David and I am an educator, writer, traditional astrologer, and lot diviner. I currently live near Seoul, South Korea. I first started this website in early 2018 as both a place to offer traditional astrology services and also to showcase insights on astrology through my writing. Specifically, I meant to explore mundane astrology and its historical application and also write about astrology and how it could be applied to various parts of life. Despite my initial intentions, the earliest blogging I did described key parts of my personal journey into astrological magic from a devotional perspective, which began in late 2018 and continued in the following years. Going forward, I plan to share meaningful parts of what I have learned about ancient esoteric knowledge and focus on producing more astrological content related to traditional astrological concepts as applied to natal charts, timing techniques, and mundane astrology. My goal is to write blog posts related to astrology, divination, magic, spirituality, ritual, and devotional spiritual paths in a satisfactory way with plenty of footnotes. In some cases, I hope to write creatively and share unique, unusual, or heretical opinions. In fact, I came up with the brand name “Mad Sage” because it linguistically drew on a paradoxical combination of being wise and at the same time being foolish. I liked the idea of acquiring wisdom but also its inversion, the chaotic up-ending of wisdom traditions. The act of questioning or of turning the tables on wisdom traditions and spiritual orthodoxy was what I aspired to achieve with my writing. I didn’t mean to disrespect wisdom traditions, but rather be open to new understandings, reject dogmas, and utilize a Promethean re-working of foundations. Further, it has been a sincere wish to share useful knowledge and personal insights with any person who might be looking for them. I want to give readers and site visitors an interesting and enjoyable reading experience. In addition to the blog, I plan to create infographics and tables that are purely educational, like my upcoming arithmology infographics. There are pieces of esoteric knowledge that are not readily available on the internet and I plan to use my platform to digitize and share them, if possible. Though my blog subject matter goes in various directions and I write a lot of discrete content, my personal foundation is grounded in traditional astrology.

The story of my becoming interested in astrology came of an ordinary circumstance. In late 2010, a friend and I chatted on Skype. Suddenly, he asked me my birth time and made my birth chart. Learning for the first time that astrology was more than just sun signs, my interest in the subject grew. In August 2014, I decided to find an astrology course to get solid foundations in the discipline. Initially, I was set on a modern course when the YouTube algorithm brought up a Hellenistic astrology video. Upon listening to Chris Brennan discuss the historical context of traditional astrology, I was immediately sold and signed up for his Introduction to Hellenistic Astrology course. A year later, I completed the course and since that time I have taken classes taught by Austin Coppock, Nina Gryphon, and Ryhan Butler. I have read and re-read the ancient Hellenistic sources that belong to the earliest horoscopic astrology. The authors include Vettius Valens, Paul of Alexandria, Dorotheus of Sidon, Claudius Ptolemy, Porphyry, Manilius, Hephaistion, and Firmicus Maternus. Modern astrologers whose work I am familiar with include Robert Hand, Liz Greene, Demetra George, Nick Dagan Best, Dane Rudhyar, Alan Leo, Christopher Warnock, Linda Goodman, and many more. Since I first became interested in astrology in late 2010, I have studied hundreds of natal charts. Drawing upon my knowledge of traditional and modern astrology as well as the many charts I’ve seen, I am bound to come up with a good analysis of almost any part of a natal chart. I can discuss astrological configurations with a high degree of competence and can offer many insights. Beyond my intellectual communication style, I have a friendly and outgoing personality. My goal is to give useful and meaningful advice to others from an astrological perspective. I was a member of the Association of Young Astrologers from 2018-2020.


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