Rituals to Venus and Jupiter


An altar to Venus resides in a bookshelf.
A statue of Zeus rests atop the Jupiter altar, after it received many of its pieces.

The Greek dark ages left one particular piece of wisdom to posterity: worship the gods. The Delphic maxims were a collection of one hundred and forty seven sayings that were attributed to the Seven Sages and paying due attention to the traditional deities was the third maxim. “Honor the gods; revere the gods,“ it read as translated by Melissa Gold.[1] As it was over two millennia ago, worship of the Olympian gods is not exactly popular anymore. So you might be surprised to learn that recently I’ve begun experimenting doing just that. Even a few months ago, if someone had told me I’d end 2018 building altars and performing rituals for Venus and Jupiter, I would have laughed out loud in disbelief. It is the last thing I would’ve expected. But here I am, and I’ve got seven weeks of rituals worshipping the ancient deities under my belt. I’ll tell you how I got involved, my first experiences with altars and rituals, and my observations as a beginner. Continue reading “Rituals to Venus and Jupiter”