Paul Benning

I recently had the privilege of getting an astrological reading from David. I consider it to have been a useful experience. I’m not very familiar with astrological terminology and I certainly have no idea what my future holds for me, but each piece of information from the reading gave me something to focus on.

It’s impossible to focus on aspects of a beautiful landscape. A painter’s or photographer’s framed image forces you to look at one thing. “For now, look at this, only this. This is what is beautiful.”

Likewise, life has too many things to focus on at any given moment. In my mind, an astrological reading promotes focus on one or a few things. “Don’t be overwhelmed by the infinite number of things that you could possibly worry about or think about. Or, instead of being overwhelmed, don’t just ignore and be apathetic about all aspects of life since they are all seemingly out of your control. For now, focus only on this aspect of your life. Right now, is this something that is important in your life? If not, why not? What is important in your life right now? How are you doing? Really. Are you doing well? Do you need to make any changes in your life?”