Prayer to Hermes


Hermes Chiaramonti at the Vatican, by the Vatican Museums



With every ritual, there should be an accompanying hymn and a prayer. The hymn gets the attention of the god, and the prayer, though of a private nature and entirely up to the worshipper, may contain statements, offerings, and requests. The Orphic Hymns in particular are a good group to work with, though there are others that have survived the ravages of history. I am sharing a prayer I wrote for Mercury, based on some research I did on ancient ritual and the guidance of astrological magic practitioners. I have included various names of Hermes that were used at his temples. 

Prayer to Hermes

To Divine Hermes of the golden wand I speak. You are the messenger of the gods and the immortal guide. All forms of communication are under your sway, including letters, books, poems, songs, speeches, emails, texts, signs, gestures, and language. I will describe four major aspects relevant to you. First, you are the sacred master of techniques and methods. Every tradition looks to you. Thus, ways, schools of knowledge, and disciplines are taught and learned at your grace. Holy way-finder and path-breaker hear my call.  Second, what wise men call “all that is” can be understood with your help. Knowledge is yours to mold, like the potter with clay. The categorization of knowledge is your divine task. Third, as psycho-pomp, the dead continue their journey with your guidance. You are the guardian of thresholds and the master of barriers, including those between the world of the living and the realm of the dead. Finally, you are the upholder of balance and duality. The highs and lows, like the swinging of the pendulum from one side to the other, are better understood at your blessing. All of the momentary losses and gains occur under your watchful gaze. Mercury, you are the pen, the computer, and the oral tradition. Hear me, splendid Hermes!

Dotor Eaon, make my mind sharp and my words witty.

Chrysorrhapis, give me clear oratory powers, and help me discover my talents when writing.

Hermeneutes, grant speed to my communications.

Cyllenius, at those times the nuts and bolts inside my head are not tightly screwed, make it so that my words are structured and organized.

Angelus Macaron, allow me to make beneficial business transactions,

Hermes Dolius, give me the understanding of difficult methods and techniques.

Diactorus, when others hear or read my communications, make it clear and direct.

Criophorus, grant clarity and peace of mind so I can understand others.

Archus Pheleteon, make it so I am not tricked, deceived, or robbed.

Promachus, bring mastery to my understanding of sports and exercise.

Finally, help me to find my way Masterius. Lead me to my divine path. Praise be to Hermes Pompaeus. Praise Mercury, most divine!

Accept my offerings of incense, flame, light, candle wax, essential oil, and water.

Do with it what you please.

Praise Mercury, most divine!

“The sun and Mercury” by Fernando de Gorocica is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0


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