Meditation on the Irrational


A wolf in the wild by Gary Kramer via Wikimedia Commons


The irrational impulse is inevitable. We are not created in a world of perfection. Every move is littered with hypocrisies, falsehoods, contradictions, and the irrational. Irrationality drives us all.

There are impulses that consciousness rides on like a piece of driftwood on the waves. Desirous impulses overcome the soul. Sometimes, in our own bodies, we witness the body behaving in a way that our rational minds can’t fathom. Drives and behaviors occur now and then, and we are helpless against them, regardless of the strength of our rational side. It’s inevitable. Being okay with falling, being okay with the darkness, that’s an important lesson for all of us.

Driftwood on the shore by kajikawa is licensed under CC BY 3.0


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