Five Best Tips for Healthy Rituals


Candles in Vienna by Donar Reiskoffer CC-SA- BY- 3.0

I discussed my realization and understanding of the fact that some ritual tools are unhealthy for people. Incense and candles may pose health risks according to some articles. In view of this, I will share some tips for healthy rituals. 

Five Best Tips for Healthy Rituals

Frankincense resin by Mad Sage Astrology. CC- SA-BY 4.0

1. Use paraffin- free candles

The majority of candles sold on store shelves are made with paraffin, a petroleum product that some articles claim releases harmful substances. Rather than use paraffin candles, buy coconut, palm, soy, and beeswax candles as a healthier substitute. 

2. Shorten the time you burn incense

Incense releases harmful air pollution when ignited, so it’s a good idea to burn it less. Instead of burning an entire stick, do it for only part of a ritual. A stick can be burned for two minutes, then the stick put in water or a spot where the oxygen supply is cut off so it stops burning. Try not to burn an entire stick or let it burn for long periods. Doing so will keep the air at home cleaner. 

3. Burn incense once a week or month

Schedule your incense burning for special times. It can be a weekend, a holiday, or a special day for your deity. Remember that the main goal is to limit your incense use. In light of that, doing it at a particular set time will ensure that you don’t use it otherwise. For example, a Jupiter worshipper might choose one day a month, in alignment with the planetary days and hours, to perform a ritual and to include incense. The student might choose a Thursday and Jupiter hour to worship the sky god with a sweet- smelling incense. It’s a time for the worshipper to go for broke, a time that exceptions are made. Make the times you burn incense days for expanding upon set rituals. Add hymns, greater offerings, sigil-writing, or longer periods of meditation. The point is that you can still burn incense, but you just do it at a special, designated time as opposed to on a daily basis. 

4. Get in the habit of keeping windows open at home

Studies show that most home spaces have worse air quality than the outdoors. Regardless of whether a person smokes, burns incense, or lights candles, the home has toxic air and should be ventilated. With that in mind, burning incense should be accompanied by the opening of windows. 

5. Be less excessive

There’s no need to overdo it. Some folks tend to be excessive and burn three to four sticks of incense over the course of a ritual. It’s wasteful and unnecessary to burn that much incense. Instead, practice moderation and be conscious of the environmental cost of the products that are used.

Beeswax candles by Jonathunder CC-BY-SA 3.0