Heaps of Virgo

Mercury with his caduceus, in his chariot, drawn by cockerels. Engraving by C. Lasinio after Raphael, 1516. CC BY 4.0

Currently, the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury are all in Virgo. They are forming a trine with the nasty configuration of the year, the Pluto, Saturn, and South Node conjunction in Capricorn. They also form a trine with disruptive Uranus in Taurus. With so many traditional planets in Virgo, there is a huge emphasis on all things Virgoan. There are many benefits to reap.


The impact of food on health is a Virgo obsession. It’s an opportune time to take new directions on food consumption.


Forming new habits

Virgos are good at dissecting existing routines and creating new ones. September’s sky weather is perfect for making new structures that will support your life goals.


Tidying up and organizing junk

Classifying and organizing are Mercury traits, and Virgo has lots of ability in this area. People might find this time a good chance to go through old knick- knacks, clothes, and objects lying around. Virgo energy can help to make decisions to keep or throw things away and organize all the leftovers in a manageable way.


Reassessing on previous efforts

Virgo’s analytical ability is unparalleled. Look forward to new judgements, ideas, and ways to handle major issues in your life.



Virgo doesn’t just see what needs to be changed and order the work to be done. Instead, Virgo thinking proposes many tools to obtain success in plans, work, and endeavors.


Listing tasks to succeed

Virgo is also excellent at making lists. Any life project requires numerous efforts. Virgo is excellent at providing lists of steps that need to be accomplished in order for a goal to reach its successful conclusion.