Stone Meditation Exercises


A piece of crystal quartz glimmers in the light. Photo by Mad Sage Astrology.

One February evening, I sat down on my bed admiring stones. I was looking at crystal quartz and carnelian. The thought occurred to meditate with them. Note that it’s not a new idea, as books and online resources for crystals suggest meditating with stones. Once I had the thought, a bunch of ideas popped up. They were for meditation exercises that utilized the stones crystal quartz, carnelian, and others with certain goals in mind. I tried them out and they were fun to do. The four exercises that were created utilize visualization, stones, and meditation.

The instructions for each stone meditation exercise are shared below.


Exercise One: Cleansing

Get a piece of quartz. Hold it in your hands at your lower abdomen area. Set the timer for one minute. Close your eyes.

Imagine your hands are white light. They are permeated with light. View the hands as they are consumed by light. Once you are conscious of it, let the light continue up the arms. Imagine the light streaking through them. Watch it come up to the shoulders and then down the torso to the hips. Make sure light is covering your hands, arms, shoulders, and upper torso, abdomen, and hips. Then watch it go down the legs and stop before the feet. Again, look to make sure it’s still light. Then the feet become encompassed in light. Watch it as it they are totally engulfed in light. Then visualize the head. The light flows up from the torso and shoulders to the neck. Flowing through the neck, light continues and covers the head. It becomes inundated in light. Stop the exercise.

Two pieces of carnelian sit on a table. Photo by David Kute.

Exercise Two: Purification

Hold two pieces of carnelian in each hand. Close your eyes. Repeat the word “purify” over and over again. Do it for one minute. Stop the exercise.


Exercise Three: Protection and Clearing

Get some black tourmaline and red jasper. Put both pieces on the floor or a bed. It’s ideal to use two of each stone, so that they are the four points of a large square. Black tourmaline goes on the left and red jasper on the right. Now, lie down in the center of the imaginary square. Get amazonite and labradorite. Put them in the neck and head area. Labradorite goes in the forehead area, above the nose and between the eyebrows. Amazonite should be placed on the bottom of the throat, under the clavicle bones. Other stones are fine too. Get a communicative, dreamy stone like labradorite, a measured, harmony looking stone like amazonite, a Mars stone like red jasper, and a Saturn stone like black tourmaline. The exercise uses six stones in all: two pieces of red jasper, two pieces of black tourmaline, a piece of labradorite, and a piece of amazonite.

The key part is the neck area. It communicates your desire.

With all of the stones in place, now the exercise begins. Speak the word “leave” or “I don’t want you here” with the intention of communicating it to other entities. You can chant if you want. After doing it resolutely for about fifteen seconds to a minute, its time to move on to the next step, which uses visualization.

The main thing is to project your will. You imagine a large bubble encapsulating you. It comes from your head and surrounds your body. It gets bigger and bigger. You push it out. The bubble gets bigger and bigger. It spreads beyond the walls of the room you sit in. It continues to expand. Your consciousness is now so big it envelops the space around you. The bubble is no longer necessary. You are surrounded by your will. It is projected in all directions and fills a vast space.


Exercise Four: Harmony

Sit down and hold a piece of apatite. Imagine that you are on the top of a mountain. Look down and have your vision penetrate the mountain core to the depths of the earth. Look at the stones and dirt and visualize their colors. Then turn your gaze upwards. Look at the heavens above. Witness the stars and planets. Now think about your location at the top of the mountain. It is between the two spaces. It is a harmonious spot. The sky and earth are interacting in friendly, cooperative ways. You can imagine it as you see fit.