**Bulletin: A Note to Readers**

A stick of incense and a candle burn on an altar during a ritual to Aphrodite in September of 2019. Photo by Mad Sage Astrology.


A Note to Readers



Dear Readers,

I am writing to share that major changes have been made to this website as of January, 2023. These changes include new feature photos for each post, the addition of Photo Credit sections and deletion of most captions on older posts from 2019, 2020, and 2021, and minor editing changes to post titles, grammatical, spacing, or typing errors, and small edits to the Bibliography and Notes sections of older posts. As shared on the website’s pages, there are particular style standards that all posts adhere to. These include a Notes and Bibliography section in Chicago format, as well as Photo Credits with all relevant info in the same area of each post. Listicles and certain posts use various styles. For the most part, hyperlinks embedded in text within paragraphs or written content are no longer permitted. The new changes are not the only ones since Mad Sage Astrology’s inception. At the start of 2022, the website’s About page was revitalized and additional pages were created. Most of the writing standards were created at that time, prior to writing most of the content on this site, over 25 articles, throughout 2022. 

The last few years, I have been obsessed with focusing on rituals and spirituality. Before writing this post, I came upon an unpublished first post for a discarded series on rituals. The text reads:

In a series of articles called Ritual Diary, aspects of ancient spirituality will be explored. Posts in the series will be published from time to time on an ongoing basis. They will entail the sharing of concerns related to performing rituals and worship of gods. The content will include suggestions for props and altar items, scripts, and references to relevant ancient sources. The series will also be a means to share views and experiences related to the practice of rituals to various gods, goddesses, and planets. While performing rituals, there are bound to be a number of fantastical experiences. Some experiences might lead to personal insights and personal discoveries, and those might be expounded upon. Articles in the series will not be written by an expert with extensive background or years upon years of experiences. Rather, they are going to be written by someone new to the practice so they will reflect the views of a newcomer.  

Though I never posted the series, I did write a number of spirituality focused articles that synthesized academic sources and other materials. And although this website has the title Mad Sage Astrology, there was little astrological content until I started to write some in 2022. From now on, I plan for this shift to continue, with less esoteric materials and more astrological content. The types of articles I will write will mostly focus on traditional astrological techniques and their application to modern phenomena.  

For the future, beyond insights and sudden ideas that come to me, I would like to collaborate more with others in the astrological and esoteric community. It would be great to quote or interview other divination practitioners, astrologers, and esotericists. There is a lot of material that I am working on. There are many older, half-done articles in my files. Some older articles that were published privately in 2020 might be published with a note at the bottom of the page to identify the publication date. The events of 2020 were quite disruptive. I might work on certain articles, while discarding others for their lack of relevance or maturity. My vision for this website going forward is similar to what it’s always been. Namely, it’s to write on esoteric, spiritual, and divination-related themes, particularly astrology. However, I envision more traditional astrology content in the future. I would like to work with traditional mundane astrology and investigate celebrities of our time with timing techniques and other interpretive methods. There are other writing tasks I mean to get to in the coming year. In addition to writing a book for a type of divination, I plan to write academic articles on a few topics. 

I would like to thank my dedicated readers and followers, as well as any newcomers. It is my sincere wish that the content found on this website entertains, educates, and informs all of you. 



Mad Sage Creator and Writer


A mollusc shell lies in the sand. Photo by Anbarasu Thiraviyam.




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  1. Featured image: A pheasant walks on the soil. Photo by Lukasz Lukasik.